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Featured Composition: Freedom's Call

This cinematic orchestral work is my tribute to all those who have served their country. It is a hypothetical journey of a soldier from peace to war and back.

The composition presents itself in 8 scenes:

  • Introduction: Starting with the opening phrase of the “Navy Hymn”, the work makes short references to the musical themes of all 4 main U.S. military forces before leading into the next section.

  • Peace in the Land I Love: An extended lyrical section expressing living life to the fullest and realizing all of the joys of one’s home country. As it builds to a climax, the mood is cut short by the next short section…

  • War on the Horizon

  • Battle: An epic battle takes place with horn and trumpet lines based on the word “sacrifice”

  • Victory: A short section using a horn line based on the word “freedom”

  • Camaraderie and the Aftermath of War: Following victory, the soldiers are drawn close by their experience and are thankful for each other and for coming through the battle unharmed. They then look around and are hit with the stark reality that so many others are not as fortunate. They mourn the losses of those who have died. 

  • Homecoming and the Return to Peace: In this section, the soldiers return to their homeland one by one. At first the return is bittersweet as they start to transition from war back to “normal” life. As time passes, they once again embrace the land they love, remembering all the reasons that it was worth fighting for.

  • Finale: This time, as the “Peace” theme moves toward its climax, it resolves with the return of the heroic “Freedom” theme as a reminder that there is a cost to preserve all that we hold dear. Finally, the opening phrase of the Navy hymn (“Eternal Father, strong to save”) returns in full glory as the work comes to its triumphant conclusion.